Hi All, Below is a poem that I have written myself. I do not permit any person to claim it as their own or use it on some other network.


By: Gurav Vats

I observe even through the deepest black of the deepest night

I don’t fear darkness or death because both fear me

Despise I do, but only those who provoke me

Saqr is one name but there are many more, with each friend

Comes a new name


Still but still moving

Prisoner as I may seem, it is I that imprison those

Who seem to control me; try you may to make me fly but no

I fly when you are a friend not a master

I never fall, I never stop


I pierce the horizons

The sands of time churn around me

I do not fall

How can I fall when a nation’s pride trails behind me?

It shall always trail behind me if it wishes to fly higher than the rest


My prey is in sight, coming closer. I fly more silent that the slightest breeze

Death; dark disdainful Death

I am generous to allow such a swift rise to the heavens

I fly back to my friend, my nation’s subject

And now my black eyes pierce the white that adorns him

I shall return, always to be the master of death, the most loyal friend and the greatest guardian

To my greatest nation


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