Skincare Tips for Teens

Hey Everyone, I’m Gurav Vats

I’ll be writing about a topic that is not really discussed on this blog but may be helpful to many who are in their adolescence and suffer from embarrassing zits, acne scars and so on. Below are 5 VERY IMPORTANT skincare tips that if followed can help lessen the occurrence of pimples, redness, sunburn etc. Note that these tips can help not only adolescent boys and girls but also both genders who are in adulthood.


Moisturizers, face masks and facials won’t take effect until your skin is not hydrated from within. Even though many doctors may argue that water reaches the skin last it still has a HUGE impact. Water helps the skin remain tight and retain its elasticity. Always aim to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. You will notice a visible difference within the first week and your skin will be smoother to the touch. Water also helps flush out many toxins from the body, which may also reduce acne and breakouts.

Number Two: Eat Healthy

In conjunction with upping your water consumption teens, both boys and girls should eat healthy and have a good diet. A balanced diet will provide us with energy and avoiding junk food helps reduce the oil production from the skin, reducing the frequency of pimples on the face. Eat lots of fruits, especially ones that contain VITAMIN C. This is the MOST important vitamin that these has been inducted to many serums as it results in glowing and radiant skin. This is therefore the most

Number Three: Sleep

Once you’ve got a good, balanced diet with lots of water consumption you’re already on track to clearer, healthier skin. Top that off with 7-9 hours of sleep. Sleeping is the time our body uses to repair the damage that has been done throughout the day. When we are sleep deprived our body does not get time to make those necessary repairs and our skin conditions go from bad to worse. Waking up after a good night’s sleep is enriching for us and encourages us to take on the day ahead of us with energy. Many teens and adults struggle with getting enough sleep, however, you can change that by changing some things in your lifestyle.

  • Keep electrons out of your bedroom.
  • Ideally you want to have the bedroom cool.
  • Sleep at the same time every day, even on weekends so that the body clock does not get disrupted.

Number Four: Get into CTM

Now that you’ve taken care of your body, it’s time to bring in the skincare products. To keep it simple there’s just one routine that can improve your skin’s health quite quickly and that is a CTM Routine. CTM stands for Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising. Firstly you use your preferred cleanser, cleanse your face. Next use a facial toner to tone your face. Unlike the cleanser, DO NOT wash this off your face, just allow it to dry before applying moisturizer. A word of warning when using toners. Try your best to avoid toners that have alcohol in them as they ca be very drying to the skin (worsening acne). Try to buy toners which contain antioxidants and serums. I would prefer performing your CTM’s before you go to sleep. And for the girls or the guys 😉 you might want to top that off with Huda’s excellent facial massage that she learnt from Guerlain.

Number Fiver: WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!

This maybe pointing out the obvious but we all know that during adolescence or your 9-5 jobs we do tend to get a little bit lazy. But it is VITAL that you wash your hands thoroughly with your preferred anti-bacterial hand soap. This will leave your hands germ free so that they don’t contaminate your face which can ruin the effort you have put in following your skincare!

Well, these were the five basic tips that people of all ages can follow to improve their skin’s radiance, elasticity and hopefully make it pimple free!


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